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  • Doctor by Heart World Premiere | FOG Movie Fest 2017

By Prateek Srivastav   29th of July 2017

A bouquet of journey and adapted on the life of Dr Romesh Japra an award winning cardiologist and CEO of FOG film festival. A 252 years of multi cultural support, the paradigms from early humble life in India to the being a pioneer of heritage in bay area. Celebrating Doctor By Heart, Dreamers a do.

Main cast: Dr Romesh Japra, Michelle Elrick, Sunny Dhillon, Kanchan Daftardar Fernandes , Jayshri Sharma and Rohan Ranjan

Director –Ranu Sinha

FOG Movie Fest is one of the most exciting and rewarding events of Festival of Globe 2017. It offers a platform for showcasing movies of independent, new, upcoming film makers. This unique collection of short films, narratives, and documentaries from various countries, including UK, Australia, Fiji, Nepal, India, Russia, Poland, Japan, China, Mexico will be shown from August 5th through August 12th, 2017, offering a one time opportunity to see ground breaking, thought provoking, good cinema, away from the mainstream.

August 5, Saturday (World Premiere – Opening day film)

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Show timings Movie Name
3:00 PM Doctor by heart
5:00 PM Doctor by heart
7:00 PM Doctor by heart

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